NBA Player's Injury Points Out Need for Mouthguards

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 09/24/2019

While scrambling for a loose ball in a recent game, Smith's mouth took a hit from an opposing player's elbow


Periodontal Maintenance Can Help You...

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 09/15/2019

Periodontal Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Another Episode of Gum Disease


Here's What You Can Do to Avoid Gum Disease

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 09/05/2019

Nearly half of adults over 30—and 70% over 65—are affected by periodontal (gum) disease.


Bruins' Zdeno Chara Breaks His Jaw During 2019 Stanley Cup

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 08/26/2019

Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara had a rough Stanley Cup final...


Expert Advice: Vivica A. Fox on Kissing and Oral health

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 08/24/2019

Is having good oral hygiene important to kissing?


"Tooth, Heal Thyself" May Soon Be a Reality

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 08/16/2019

Although dental care has made incredible advances over the last century, the underlying approach to treating tooth decay has changed little


Look for These Basics When Buying Your Next Toothbrush

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 08/06/2019

When you’re buying a tool or appliance, you compare brands for the best quality you can afford.


Antibiotics before Implant Surgery Could Reduce Infection Risk

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 07/27/2019

Millions of microorganisms call your mouth home—and while most are friendly...


Not So Fast Replacing That Tooth!

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 07/07/2019

Dental implants have soared in popularity thanks to their life-likeness, functionality and durability.


3 Things to Watch Out for to Protect Your Oral Appliance

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 06/27/2019

It doesn't require a lot of time and effort to clean and maintain your oral appliance.


Wisdom Teeth and What to Do About Them

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 06/17/2019

As Spring turns to Summer, millions of students will depart high school in the time-honored rite of passage called graduation


3 Things You Can do to Help Promote Your Child's Dental Development

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 05/28/2019

Tooth decay and developing bite problems could be major obstacles to your child's normal growth and development.


Tooth Loss: A Health Risk for Older Adults

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 05/18/2019

Significant tooth loss is associated with increased risk for malnutrition...


Simple Steps to Follow if Your Child has a Toothache

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 05/08/2019

"Mom, my tooth hurts" isn't something you look forward to hearing your child say...


Crazy Little Thing Called... Hyperdontia?

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 04/28/2019

What made Freddie’s toothy smile look the way it did?


Catch Root Resorption Early!

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 04/18/2019

We're always alert for signs of tooth decay or periodontal (gum) disease,


Get Ahead of a Developing Cross-Bite

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 04/08/2019

One type in particular, a cross-bite, often happens because the upper jaw has developed too narrowly.


Nutrition for the Best Oral Health

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 03/29/2019

Here are some nutritional guidelines that will benefit your oral health...


If a Root Canal Can't be Done, this Procedure Might Save Your Tooth

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 03/09/2019

Untreated tooth decay can destroy your teeth...


Legal or Not, Marijuana Poses a Health Risk to Your Gums

James E. Mills, D.D.S. | 02/27/2019

Learn about the health effects of marijuana, particularly for your teeth and gums.


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