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The process of ridge preservation performed by Dr. James Mills at Market Common Dentistry can help conserve gum and bone tissue following a tooth extraction. This process has many advantages, including how it prepares the bone socket for an implant without the demand for a surgical graft. In addition, it can be used to keep the original appearance of your mouth after extraction. Immediately after a tooth extraction, ridge preservation utilizes an advanced grafting product to fill the vacant socket. The filling substance can help to stimulate the regeneration of the socket. If you are having a tooth extraction, contact Market Common Dentistry in Myrtle Beach, SC to find out more information on ridge preservation and the way it can be helpful for you.

About Ridge Augmentation

Occasionally, when a tooth has been removed and preservation techniques have not been utilized, the rest of the socket and the surrounding bone breaks or does not recover correctly. This may make a deformity of your gums or an area of reduced density in your jaw. If this happens, Dr. Mills may suggest a ridge augmentation. This process utilizes bone grafts to reestablish the alveolar ridge (the region across the branches of your teeth) and will construct the bone back to the initial width and height to prepare the mouth for an implant. A ridge augmentation might also be done for aesthetic reasons to fix the look of your gums.

The ridge augmentation may be performed right after your tooth extraction or on its own if preferred. The first step is to set the graft into the socket in the jawbone where the tooth has been extracted. Following that, your gums may be smoothed over the bone graft until they are stitched shut. It may be required in certain instances for Dr. Mills to add another substance to the graft to make the space and elevation that matches your desired appearance.

Best Candidates

Candidates for a ridge preservation process is any person who is having a simple or surgical tooth extraction. It is also helpful when you wish to be given an implant to restore your tooth. This process can decrease bone atrophy that may take place following the extraction; in addition, it can prevent the need for a surgical graft later on. A ridge preservation process also works to protect and cover the empty socket against disease and lost volume in the jawbone. Before deciding to perform an extraction, Dr. Mills will check to be certain you're a candidate for ridge preservation after your extraction process.

What to Expect

The ridge preservation procedure will be done in our Myrtle Beach, SC office. At your consultation, Dr. Mills will talk about your sedation choices based on the level of your treatment and your individual needs. Once your tooth is carefully extracted to save the bone, Dr. Mills will start the ridge preservation process by filling out the vacant socket with all the grafting material. The region might then be coated with sutures or a barrier material. At first, the filling will encourage the surrounding tissue as it heals, and in time, the development of bone will help offer the area support.


Dr. Mills will offer particular recovery instructions after your treatment. You might feel some minor inflammation or discomfort that may be treated with nonprescription pain relievers if needed. In the event you have lasting pain, uncontrolled bleeding, or even a high fever, it is imperative that you call our office right away. Another appointment with Dr. Mills might also be required so he may assess your recovery procedure or determine when you're able to receive a dental implant.

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Alveolar Ridge Preservation

If a tooth extraction is performed, it is important to protect the gums and jawbone around the extracted tooth. A ridge preservation process at Market Common Dentistry functions to fill the vacant extraction socket and prevent potential issues. In addition, it makes it much easier to get an implant along with other restorations to renew your mouth. To discover more information on ridge preservation following a tooth extraction, get in touch with our office in Myrtle Beach, SC to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mills.

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